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Who we are

South Florida Chinese Bible Church (PCA) exists to bring the whole gospel to the Chinese community in South Florida, to see individuals, families, communities and cities renewed by the gospel. We believe the Good News of the Gospel brings hope and joy to this world.

We are a church of Mandarin-speaking families and individuals (and a lot of kids!), saved by the very good news of Christ. We are a church that is shaped by the gospel. We believe Christianity is so much more than empty traditionalism or legalism, rather it is the power of God that saves and renews every sphere of our life.


Emerging from the pandemic with a renewed sense of calling, the future of South Florida Chinese Bible Church is incredibly bright. We are eager to reach our community with the gospel in Word and deed, we are eager to further grow in truth and grace of Christ.

Who we are looking for


• South Florida Chinese Bible Church (PCA) is searching for a Mandarin speaking Senior/Solo pastor, preferably with a divinity degree in alignment with PCA theology and polity.


• We are searching for a minister who can effectively communicate the gospel boldly and humbly to both Christians and non-Christians from the pulpit and other ministry settings.


• We are looking for a pastor that understands the culture of Chinese immigrants in America and embraces the church's commitment of gospel centrality and missional discipleship.


• We seek a man who exhibits spiritual maturity, integrity, purity and humility; prayer dependence on God and a life above reproach.


How to apply


To apply or recommend a candidate, please contact:


Chun Li (954) 881-6682

Yuanchang Sun (949) 943-7389

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