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证道:神的旨意原是要你们行善 (彼得前书2:11 - 3:12),陆晴川弟兄, 05/26/2024, SFLCBC
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Welcome to visit our website and visit our Church. We are group of Christians originally from China. We Share God's Love in South Florida. We believe that the meaning, value, purpose and beloning of life can be found in Jesus Christ. We also believe that we can find the way out of suffering, sin, and plight of the life in Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ states that our lives are so dark and need His salvation. The gospel of Jesus Christ also points out that our lives are so loved that He is willing to save. Faith is the activity of the mind, but our heart cannot love what is rejected by reason, so we focus on the discussion of faith. Faith is the activity of the heart, but it is manifested in life, so we pay attention to the sharing and communication of life.In our church, you will think about the gospel, experience the gospel, and you will experience the extended family life of Christians in love. Welcome to join us.




Every Saturday 6:00 PM

Sunday Worship

Every Sunday 2:00 PM

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Address:4700 SW 188th Ave,

Southwest Ranches, FL 33332

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